Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts

While impressions are still fairly fresh, here are some thoughts and photos, in no particular order, from my recent 3-week residency at Brush Creek, near Saratoga, WY.

  • I spent most of every day in my log cabin studio with a beautiful Bösendorfer, writing desk, reading chair, leather sofa, Western decor, etc.

  • Deer (they were all over the place) would meander through the camp, occasionally poking their heads against the windows

  • Most early afternoons were the perfect time to go on an hour-or-two-long hike; my favorite was a meandering trail up and down along a ridge on the eastern bank of the creek, called Smalls Trail. In mid-afternoon, towards the end of the trail, you could look back over the creek, with the light hitting it just right, and see part of the artist camp, surrounding hills, the ranch, and the endless sky.

  • I wrote most of a song cycle - so far, five poems of Amy Lowell, with possibly more to come

  • I began a set of pieces for flute and bass for bassist Paul Cannon

  • I played a lot of Brahms piano music, particularly Op. 116-118. I memorized the first piece of Op. 118

  • I practiced and played a lot of jazz: Giant Steps, All of You, A Sleepin’ Bee, and Our Delight especially

  • I met and bonded with seven other wonderful artists and people