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String Quartet No. 1: “Cascades” & The Delgani String Quartet

I'm very excited to announce upcoming performances of my latest work, String Quartet No. 1, "Cascades," and share audio excerpts below. The Delgani String Quartet (based in Oregon), with the help of an Oregon Community Foundation Creative Heights grant, commissioned me to write a large multi-movement string quartet inspired by the landscape surrounding the Dee Wright Observatory on the McKenzie Pass, about 2 hours east of Eugene, OR. The resulting 29-minute work is cast in four movements, each a poetic and emotional response to these environs during my own visit to the pass in October 2016.

The work was composed from around January - July 2017 and was recently recorded in the studio by Delgani. Upcoming performances of the work will take place in Salem on October 29 and in Eugene on November 5 and 7. More information about the ensemble and its concert calendar can be found on the Delgani website. More information on the Cascade Quartet Project and Creative Heights Grant can be found here.

Movement 1, Lava Fields, excerpt:
Movement 2, Crater and Crevice, excerpt:
Movement 3, The Trees are Castaways, excerpt:
Movement 4, Those Distant Monuments, excerpt:

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